Message 23.4.2021

I hope everyone has enjoyed what seems to be the first full week of good weather we have had this year. Let’s hope this continues through the weekend and for many days as possible thereafter. During this nice weather, it is great to see so many of the pupils and classes enjoying the opportunity to get out into the school grounds. I did so myself, this week, and have posted a few videos to give an example of the outside areas we are blessed with and have cultivated.

One of these is the new bike shelter put up this week. We are fortunate to have managed to get this free of charge through the county and hope that moving forward it will allow some of the older pupils to cycle to school. We will get a message out as soon as we move forward with this.

Finally, a reminder that the school is having a training day on 7th May 2021 to look at the New curriculum. School will be closed to pupils on this day.

Have a great weekend

Message 16.4.21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to all the pupils, I hope everyone had an enjoyable break and, with restrictions lessening somewhat, the opportunity to get out a bit more and enjoy the few days of sunshine (and hail) that we had.

It has been nice to get all the pupils back into the school. The improved weather has given us the opportunity to get out and further explore the grounds we have. An opportunity that we haven’t really been afforded since we moved into the new building. Hopefully, when we open up more, we will be able to show off some of the hard work that we have put into the outside areas (A huge thank you to Mrs Davies for this). I am delighted to say that our forest school area continues to thrive and has now been named Jaxon’s Wood in honour of Jaxon. Thank you to Mrs Wynne for sorting this out and, again, we hope to sort out an official opening in the near future.

Finally, and linked to the outdoors, we are still trying to get the pupils out of the classroom and using the outdoor space as much as possible. This occasionally means that classes are using the side yard between in the second session (roughly 11am-12pm). When this is the case, we have to leave the side gates closed and ask Nursery parents to enter from the front gates. We appreciate your understanding.

Let’s hope the good weather persists. Have a great weekend.

Message 25.3.21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Just a short message from myself at the end of a strange, disrupted and occasionally challenging term for everybody. Today signals the end of the second full week of the school reopening for all. I hope the children have found benefit in returning to the classroom, socializing with their peers and enjoying the benefits of face to face learning. From a personal point of view it has been lovely to see them all back. It has been wonderful that we have had the weather to go with for a vast majority of the time.

Just a couple of things to make you aware of:

  1. The school will have pre-planned training days on Friday 26th March and Monday 12th April. The pupils will return back on Tuesday 13th April.
  2. We are looking to recruit an MDSA for 1 hour a day during the school weeks. Please see the link below if you may be interested. The links are available in the County’s site.

All that leaves me to say is, I hope you all get the chance to have a wonderful Easter break. Take care and we will see you in a couple of weeks

Many thanks

All at Gwersyllt CP

Message – 18.3.2021

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We are coming to the end of the first week of full reopening- it has been lovely to see all the pupils back in and enjoying the company of their classmates and the various staff. Long may it continue. 

Notable events 

Tomorrow we will be raising money for Comic relief with a non-school uniform (wear red if possible)- please use the link below to donate money as we are now cashless.

However, on Monday please feel free to bring in a donation of World Down Syndrome Day. The money will go straight into an envelope in class and will be handed over to be counted and donated by the group we are supporting. The pupils and staff can show their support by wearing odd socks. 

A quick reminder that Thursday 25th March is the final day for pupils prior to the Easter break. Friday will be an Inset day for staff. 

Drop off and Pick up 

Can I kindly request that pick up and drop off times on site are kept to a minimum. There have been a few occasions recently where adult have been on site for up to 20 minutes. As we have Playmates needing to safely use the site we are required to empty the yard and lock the gates for security. 

Can I also ask that adults monitor the pupils whilst they are waiting for pick up (and in the morning). We have cordoned off the park equipment at the moment but there have been numerous times when children have broken through the tape to access the trim trail. 

Other adults in school 

Some parents have, understandably, queried the use of supply to cover classes in school. Health and Safety, legal and contractual obligations mean that from time to time other staff or supply staff will be required to teach. We have a bank of supply staff who are only teaching at our school. We have also requested that every supply teacher take a lateral flow test prior to accessing the school site. 

The school have taken the decision to limit the bubbles to classes. This is not the case in all schools (with some bubbles including many classes). Doing this limits the fall out of any positive cases. Unfortunately, it does mean that cover may be needed on occasions. 

Return of KS2 pupils

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am delighted to say, as things stand, KS2 pupils will be returning to school on Monday 15th March 2021. We have decided that we will keep everything as it ran prior to Christmas in terms of staggered start and end times (please see below as a reminder).

Class 18.50-9am3.15pm
Class 28.50-9am3.15pm
Class 38.40-8.50am3.05pm
Class 48.40-8.50am3.05pm
Class 58.50-9am3.15pm

The school is now cashless and all payments are to be done through Parent Pay. Please contact the office if you have not recieved information on this. School dinners can now be ordered from home and all payments sent through this. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept cash. If you are using Breakfast club, please book and pay through this system. Please note that if you use Playmates in the morning you will still be required to pay the £1 for Breakfast club through Parent Pay.

As of Monday, all pupils will be able to order hot dinners. Again, the easiest way to do this is through the online system, through which all orders can be made.

Online Learning

KS2 will continue online learning for this week- Teachers will be available online until Thursday afternoon. The KS2 classteachers will have Friday offline to allow for preparation and planning time for the following week.

We are looking forward to welcoming the KS2 pupils back to face to face learning.

Message 4.3.21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to all the pupils in Foundation Phase. It has been a pleasure to have the pupils back for the last few days. The school always feels a happier and more vibrant place with them here. Just a few things to update you on this week and looking forward.

KS2 Return

As you may have heard, Kirsty Williams has pencilled in the date, 15th March 21 for a return of the rest of the pupils in primary school. We are working towards this date and will let you know when we have further information.

Lateral Flow testing

Staff that are eligible are currently taking this test twice weekly to further ensure the safety of all in schools. It feels right to warn you that if there is a positive result through these test, the next step is to book a standard test as soon as possible to confirm the positive case. It may be necessary to close contact bubbles until this confirmation is received. We are aware that this could potential be hugely disruptive to those families. However, I hope you understand the need for caution in this situation.

Parent pay

The school have been chosen to implement this service, with the expectation that we and all other schools in County go cashless. We are now no longer able to accept cash and request all payments for snack, dinners and breakfast club be done through Parent Pay. As we all get use to the system many other payments will be made through this, for example, school visits, non uniform days etc. Those that wish to order school dinners can also choose from the options available for their child at home.

NB-Though Playmates are still using a cash system, it is now necessary that the payment for Breakfast club (additional £1 in mornings) be made through Parent Pay.

Arriving at school

Can we remind everyone that it is hugely important that you arrive in the window for your class in order to keep the yard as empty as is possible. Please be aware of social distancing on the school site as much as possible.


We will be recommencing the school newsletter after Easter.

Other Events

Thank you for all the hard work at home for our St David’s day, it looks fabulous. We will reschedule World Book Day in some form in the Summer term when all children are in to enjoy it (the date may be wrong but the experience can still be a joyous one).

We are plannig a Comic Relief non – school uniform day for Friday 19th March. Please use the link below to donate (anyone is free to donate) We will not be able to accept cash and this donation will go straight to Comic Relief. Thank you in advance.

and finally…

Parents Evening

We will be organising a phone call for those who would like it for the week beginning 22.3.21. This will be a more general conversation as the pupils will not have been in school for long. Forms will be coming out shortly.

Foundation Phase return

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

As of this morning we have received confirmation that Foundation Phase pupils in Wrexham will commence phasing back into school from Friday 26th February. Within the Bryn Alyn cluster it has been agreed that schools will phase back for Nursery pupils (Barn Owls) only on Friday 26th February with the rest of the Foundation Phase (Snowy Owls, Kestrels and Harriers) returning as usual on Monday 1st March.  

We will keep the same staggered times as prior to Christmas and pupils will enter and exit via the same doors. Please see the tables below for more information. 

Class Start time Finish time 
Barn Owls 8.50-9am 11.30am 
Snowy Owls 8.40-8.50am 3pm 
Harriers 8.40-8.50am 3pm 
Kestrels 8.50-9am 3.10pm 
Class Entrance 
Barn Owls Class entrance into cloakroom 
Snowy Owls Class entrance into cloakroom 
Harriers Entrance by Home Bargains stairs 
Kestrels Entrance by Home Bargains stairs 

Please note it will be expected for all visitors on site (with the exception of pupils) to wear a mask, unless there are medical reasons for not doing so. 

Breakfast club will continue to be provided and charged as usual- We ask that all pupils requiring breakfast club are booked in to allow for maximum numbers to be adhered to. We also politely request that the provision is only used if needed. Prior to Christmas we were working within our maximum number – Should this go up we may have to limit the number of pupils who can use this facility. 

Please book for breakfast club via the school office (preferably by email). 

For those that require the use of Playmates please book using the normal communication avenues. 

From Monday 1st of March we will cater for school meals. Those who are free school meals will be required to pay until the government money has stopped being paid directly to the family. 

Finally, although Friday 26th February will only see the Barn Owls returning, Foundation Phase staff in Snowy Owls, Kestrels and Harriers will be using this day as a Planning and Preparation day and will not be available for online learning. Thank you for your understanding. 

And a big THANK YOU for your help and support over this time. We look forward to welcoming back the Foundation Phase pupils by Monday and, hopefully, the Key Stage 2 pupils shortly. 

Kind regards, 

Mr J Moore  

Letter and Press Release from County- 10/02/21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see the letter sent to all parents/guardians whom have pupils (particularly Foundation Phase age) in schools Wrexham wide. It comes directly from Karen Evans, Chief officer of Education and Early Intervention.

Dear Parent,

As you are aware, on 5 February, in an open letter to headteachers, the Minister for Education announced that children in the foundation phase would begin to return for face-to-face learning from 22 February. This is in addition to the current arrangements that are in place for remote learning for all pupils and onsite provision for children who are vulnerable and children of critical workers.

You will also know that the numbers of positive Covid 19 cases in Wrexham have consistently been amongst the highest in Wales, particularly so in recent months, and whilst they are falling, they remain high in comparison to neighbouring Local Authorities in both Wales and England.

As a result, the council and headteachers are carefully considering plans, while continually monitoring the local situation. In light of this, we will need to take a cautious and phased approach to foundation phase children returning to school; and children will not be returning to schools in Wrexham until Friday, 26 February at the earliest – depending on local coronavirus levels after half-term.

Headteachers will share more detailed information with parents and carers after the half-term holiday (the week beginning 22 February), once coronavirus levels have been reviewed. And even then, the council and headteachers will continue to monitor local levels and will review arrangements if needed.

Should there be a need to change our approach (e.g. in the case of increasing numbers) we will communicate this with you as soon as we are able to do so.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during these difficult times.

We would also like to reiterate our thanks to parents and carers of older children, who will continue to learn from home.

We know that remote-learning presents many challenges for families trying to manage work and home responsibilities, and we’re truly grateful to parents, children and staff for their continued efforts.

Yours sincerely

Prif Swyddog Addysg ac Ymyrraeth Gynnar /
Chief Officer Education and Early Intervention

Please click the link below for a translated version

Also see attached a press release from County sent out late this afternoon

With this in mind we would request that those parents who have been using the Keyworker provision for both KS2 and FP pupils contact the school tomorrow (Thursday 11th February) in order to book in for the week beginning 22nd February.

Yet again, many thanks for all your support and patience

Gwersyllt CP

Virtual Tour

Recently, we have had a number of requests from potential parents to visit the school premises. Understandably, this can be problematic in the current climate so we have put together a brief 5 minute video that we hope gives a flavour of the school for those who are considering applying for a school place or transfer.

Again, due to the guidance we are complying to- the school is not set up as we would usually wish it to be. Soft furnishings and classroom layouts have needed to be altered to provide a safer environment.

I have tried to keep it brief, of course, if there are further questions do feel free to contact us (see contact section of this site) and do spend some time perusing the website sections for further information.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our school and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Mr J Moore