Message 02/12/22

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A busy week this week with Christmas concerts being practiced in earnest. We are so looking forward to inviting you all in for the first time in three years to see in person what the staff and pupils have created. It is one of the many pleasures as a headteacher to be able to dip into a practice for a while, get a quick blast of the pupils Christmas spirit, feel uplifted and go back to work with more of a spring in my step.

The weather has been a lot kinder to us this week, so we have continued to enjoy our outdoor learning sessions despite it being bitterly cold on occasions. By my reckoning, the 6 week cycle has now come to an end and a new selection of pupils have, or will do soon, started their block of 6 weeks. 

On this note, and with the colder weather open us, can we request that all pupils come with coats over the final three weeks. When the weather is getting a low as 3 degrees, we are left with little choice but to send them in to warm up if they don’t have a coat to wear.

As an extra aside, on the webpage, the pupils continue to be working hard in their English and Maths. Below is a small selection of the wonderful work we have seen. I have been particularly impressed with our Year 2 pupils who have been drafting and redrafting in their extended writing work.

Many thanks and have a great weekend,

Message 25.11.22

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Firstly, I will start this Headteacher’s update by saying C’mon Cymru. At the time of writing this we are planning to have the game on two screens in the school. One for the Year 1 and 2 pupils and one for the Key stage 2 pupils. As this is such a historic moment for Wales we wanted to be there to support them in this moment. By the time you read this, you will know the result. Here is hoping it’s a good one.

A few extra things to note, next week we have the PTA non school uniform day to collect prizes for our Christmas Fair on the 7th December. Raffle tickets will also be out shortly for this. 

Tickets for our concerts will be coming out soon, please check school bags. A text will be sent out to parents to notify when this happens. Allocation will be 2 tickets per pupil, with extras being made available later on depending on capacity.

Finally, just a plea to monitor what your child is bringing into school. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks our older pupils bringing in sweets and snacks and eating them after their school dinner (on most occasions not eating all of their school dinner). Given the choice, many children will choose an unhealthy option over their school dinner. We are trying hard to educate them in this choice. 

Many thanks for your continued support in this.

Message – 17.11.22

Dear Parents,

Another busy week which kicked off with a visit from outside and the Year ¾ classes experiancing a workshop on light. As this is linked to the topic the pupils have been covering this term they were already knowledgeable of many of these aspects but it was fascinating to see some impressive equipment in use. By the end of the week many of the pupils were creating their own switches to turn light on and off.

Our forest school session continue to be in full swing , with Jaxon’s wood rarely out of use in the afternoon. Thursday afternoon, in particular, caught my attention with bread, soup and several other goodies being wheeled towards the entrance of forest schools.

Finally, a continued thank you to the pupils and parents/guardians that are supporting our healthy snack initiative. The Criw cymraeg are now in charge of operations on the ‘Siop Ffrythau’ front and the queue was impressively long on several occassions. A particular thank you to those pupils coming in with their own fruit and veg for snack, over the course of the week I have had many reasons to say ‘diolch’ to pupils who have been eating a variety of veg such as carrots and peppers. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Message 11.11.22

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Just a few messages below and some extra dates to be aware of for the Christmas period. Please skip down to the bottom of this message if you would like to see some of the wonderful Remembrance day work our pupils have done. Thank you to all of you have donated generously to the Poppy appeal.

It has been another busy start to the half term- Netball club is up and running. School council and Eco committees have both commenced and the wellbeing group is starting next week. Playleaders have also been prepped and are ready to go next week.

Like I said, very busy indeed.

Healthy snack

Thank you for all those who have got on board our new initiative to ensure that pupils have fruit or veg and water/milk only at non lunch periods of the school day (particularly break times). The fruit trolley is up and running for KS2 to present an option and has proved popular so far. Due to this we are still gauging the level of fruit and water we will need to purchase for the week so not to be wasteful.

This is now Welsh Assembly Government legislation so is an area that the school will have to continually monitor. Thank you in advance for your support in this, we kindly as that pupils keep their treat snacks as part of their lunch (if they have them at all). For those that are interested, we do have an article on the website on Healthy lunch boxes.

Please see the WAG leaflets below:

Wales and the World Cup

Before we finished for half term, the school had a fun filled assembly in which we choose a country to study during the world cup. This country will be used to study, contrast and compare to our locality and celebrate Wales making it to the tournament.

The classes will be looking at:

Barns and Snowy Owls: Wales

Harriers: Spain

Kestrels: Korean Republic

Class 1: Ghana

Class 2: France

Class 3: USA

Class 4: Mexico

Class 5: Argentina

After this, the classes topic will be based around Christmas

Christmas Performances

This year will be performing concerts again.

The dates are:

Nursery and Reception: 10am Friday 16th December 22 

Year 1 and 2: 1:30pm Tuesday 20th December 22

Year 3 and 4: 1.30pm Wednesday 21st December 22

Year 5 and 6: 6pm Monday 19th December 22 in the church

Initially, two tickets will be made available for each pupil with extra tickets available if needed closer to the date.

It will be nice to see the pupils in action again at this time of year.

Other dates : 

Christmas dinner -Thursday 22nd December 22

Party food dinner – Friday 23rd December 22

Remembrance work

The pupils had an assembly for Remembrance today. We also held a 2 minute silence and a reflection.

The school will be laying a Wreath down at the Gwersyllt War memorial on Sunday at approximately 10.40am. If any Year 6 pupils would like to help us lay the wreath please let yourself be known.

Lastly, there was some wonderful work, as always, from out classes this year in honour of the day.

Message 21.10.22

Healthy Eating

Over the past year we have communicated the importance of healthy eating on both body and mind. This is never more true than in school where healthy snack and frequent drinking of water can have a huge impact on a pupil’s concentration and focus as well as general wellbeing. 

In school, we are focussing on our Key stage 2 pupils- Many pupils in Early Years and Year 1 and 2 are making the right choices as to what they have for snack. It is therefore concerning to see many crisp, chocolate bar and sweet snack wrappers in the bin at the end of Key stage 2 breaktimes.

Here on the website we have placed information leaflets to explain healthy eating and snacks (see below or policy page) and will spend some time talking this through with the pupils over the next half term. Can I ask that when possible you do the same at home (the information is downloadable from the web).

Wherever possible could pupils come in with healthy lunchboxes and snacks (snacks should only be fruit or veg, whereas drink should be water or milk– please see the welsh assembly government leaflets for more detail), I truly believe it makes a difference in the classroom.

We will also do our bit. As well as educating the children in this – to become healthy and confident individuals. We will be making snack and bottled water available for 20p at morning break. If you and your child wish they can come and purchase something for that flat rate.

We believe that every little bit helps but this could make a huge difference. We will start making the snacks (initially apples and bananas) available from Monday 7th November.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Message 14.10.22

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Sign Language/Makaton

The new curriculum of Wales requests that schools look at a second international language. As well as English and Welsh, Gwersyllt CP will also be communicating, whenever we can in sign language. Of course, this is the beginning of the process and all the staff will be learning some very simple signs at first. The hope, and expectation, is that the number of phrases we use will increase and that the pupils will feel comfortable to use them back. 

I will be out most mornings greeting everyone with a ‘Bore da’ and the moving with a thumb up across my chest. I would love it if parents and pupil would do the same.

Tempest photos

Individual and family photos are being taken by Tempest. Unfortunately due to their staffing numbers they can only do immediate family within the school.

Community Cupboard

Our community cupboard is up and running with food, uniform and sanitary products. Please help yourselves on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Forest Schools

We have begun our forest school sessions this week. Miss Thomas, Mrs Davies and Mrs Jones will have a dedicated afternoon slot to cover a sequence of forest school afternoons full of activity. The aim is that by the end of the year, all pupils in Gwersyllt CP will have had access to this provision.

Finally, a well done to Harvey today as he won the Bryn Alyn prize for those visiting the open evening. Mrs Slinn came to gate crash our celebration assembly to pass on the award.

Our Community Cupboard

Today, many of you will noticed that we opened our Community cupboard for the first time. Mrs O’Toole and Miss Thomas opened up the school outbuilding allowing anyone who wished to access to food and uniform.

We hope this service will be well used and of use to many. The outbuilding will be open daily from 2.45 to 3.45 at the end of the school day.

The colourful bags that you can see in the picture above are our all-together bags. More information to follow on these soon.

Message – 7.10.22

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Just a few things to update you on

School beat

We have added a link to school beat on request of our school police liaison officer Stuart Reeves. Please follow this link to have a look

Data collection and absences

Just a reminder that the school require your child’s updates data collection sheets in as soon as possible please. Also a reminder that absences should be communicated and recorded through the office/reception and not with the class teacher. This allows Jo and Linda out secretaries to pass on relevant information to classteachers, visiting external agencies e.g. music teachers and dinner staff about absences or illness.


And finally, I would like to say how impressed I was by the Year 5 pupils who joined us in Pentrellyncwmer this year. they were a credit to the school and to you and themselves. Every year I look forward to the next time even more simply due to the behaviour and GRIT (ask them) of our pupils. Thank you from Mr Edwards, Miss Newell and Myself.

Pentre day 2

After lunch, the day concluded with rock climbing and river walking. A lovely tea (with some delicious chic cake) filled stomachs and the pupils and teachers played a treasure hunt game. Well done to the ‘grit’ team – Ava and Teegan for winning out of the pupils, whilst the teacher team inevitably came out on top overall.

A little down time, a hot chocolate and a visit to the shop ended the day before bedtime.

Up tomorrow to pack and take part in some bushcraft.

Pentre day 2 morning

A busy morning, with the pupils enjoying some cereals and a cooked breakfast. They then made their own sandwiches- tuna, cheese and jam anyone?

After which, one group went biking whilst the other group enjoyed the delights/freezing cold that is gorge walking. The experience of cold waters flowing into your wellies is not easily forgotten.