For Last Years Yr6 Leavers

Your Year 7 child is cordially invited to:

Year 6 Leavers Kayaking Social

Tuesday 29th September at Park in the Past, Fagl Lane Hope LL129HB

 4:30-6:30pm (latest)

Miss Roberts has requested children to be dropped off in the car park by 4:20pm and walked to the lake by a member of staff and picked up at 6:30pm in the same car park. Children will get the chance to have a kayaking taster session provided by Direct Kayaks, they will also be provided with a buoyancy aid.

Parents will be required to sign to say they are happy for their children to kayak with no ‘formal’ instruction. Although Miss Roberts will be on the water for safety, she is not a qualified instructor.

If children still wish to come but not kayak, that is fine too. Children are welcome to bring a picnic/ snacks and are encouraged to bring a drink and their own hand sanitiser. Social distancing rules will be adhered to and all equipment will be sanitised. There are toilet facilities on site.

Please book your place if you wish your child to come by contacting the school at with the email heading of Year 6 leavers.

Message – 18.9.20

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have completed our first week back at full capacity and it appears to have gone relatively smoothly. Thank you for all your co-operation, I hope that your child/children have enjoyed being back and you have enjoyed them being back. I have enjoyed walking around the school and having their company again.

Just a few things of note moving into next week:


As many of you will know Mrs J Walker was our previous Additional Learning Needs (ALN) co-ordinator. I am pleased to day that the role has now been taken on by Mrs K Moore. If you have any inquiries regarding your child’s learning needs please ring the office to make an appointment to talk with Mrs Moore. Over the next couple of weeks Mrs Moore will be writing a letter to let you know a little more about how she envisages her role and the part ALN will play in Gwersyllt CP moving forward.

We have also set up an ALN/intervention team. This is being overseen by Mrs Moore and Mrs O’Toole. Mrs Barkley and Mrs Hughes are currently also part of this team. However we do hope to expand this moving forward. We believe that this aspect of school is vital in the present situation and moving forward.

Breakfast Club

Can we ask that all pupils get booked in prior to coming to Breakfast club please. In order to book your child a place please contact the school office by phone or email. Again, it would help us a great deal if this was done as much in advance as possible. We have had a few occasions, where parents have emailed the school after 3pm the day before it is required. It is unlikely that these emails will be seen before the children come to the club.

Pro skills

Pro skills have asked if they can honour the left over sessions that had been paid for prior to lockdown. The school are currently not running clubs but we have said that pro skills can use the field from 4-5pm and parents can use the car park next to it. This gives ample time for parents to tske the pupils home to get changed for the club. Those in playmates can get changed in their class bubbles toilet/classroom.

COVID symptoms.

Please monitor any sickness carefully. Please understand that the school have to err on the side of caution to remain open. If your child is displaying any symptoms please call 111 for advice. The schools advice is to self isolate as a household for 10 days before returning or to display evidence of a negative test result.

Again thank you for your help.

Have a great weekend and see you all next week.

Message 11-9-20

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is the end of the week and hopefully, with very few exceptions, all pupils will have passed through the doors and into their new classes for the first, second and possibly third time.

As you will know, next week, we reopen fully. It will be lovely to have the classes full again and I can tell the staff and the pupils are eager to get back into the school routine. There are a few new provisions in place but I think the vast majority of children see their new class bubbles and their class breaks as a great opportunity to work together and play together in a way that has been, understandably, prevented recently.

Of course with the whole school opening it means more pupils on site at the same time. the systems put in place over the last week mean that we are confident this will have no effect on the safety or the running of the school.

It also means that we will have many more adults on site, what happens here can only be controlled by the school to a point.

Please read the points below and help us keep the children, adults, school and locality as safe as possible.

  1. We have introduced staggered start and end times (see below) these times will remain as they are for the future. Please DO NOT be on site prior to these times. The start time is a window of 10 minutes – there is no requirement to be there when the doors open- they will remain open for a further 10 minutes. This is true for all areas of the yard, but particularly early years which will get very busy if both Snowy owls and Barn owls have pupils arriving at the same time.
  2. Just one adult per pupil please- again, this will decrease the number on the yard at one time.
  3. Pupils will require a coat and provision for lunch (unless ordering from school). They will only need a bag if they are struggling to carry what they have.
  4. Please ensure your child has sufficient water.
  5. We continue to request that you book for breakfast club (through the school) or Playmates (through Ms Lynne Radhi). Cost for breakfast club is: 7.30am-8.20am – £2 8am-8.20am- £1 (unless free school meals) There is no admittance after 8.20am.
Class Start time Finish time 
BO 8.50-9am 11.30am 
SO 8.40-8.50am 3pm 
8.40-8.50am 3pm 
8.50-9am 3.10pm 
8.50-9am 3.15pm 
8.50-9am 3.15pm 
8.40-8.50am 3.05pm 
8.40-8.50am 3.05pm 
8.50-9am 3.15pm 

Finally, thank you for your co-operation this week. It has been wonderful to see everyone at the start and end of the school day.

Long may it continue

Many thanks

Gwersyllt CP staff

Message to Parents/Guardians, 4-9-20

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Over the past couple of days the school has opened its doors for the first time in a long time to groups of pupils. It has been wonderful to start having them back. Each and everyone of them were a delight to have in school and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. It has been a pleasure to talk to the adults on arrival too and reminds us all what a central part of the community a school can be. 

 The past two days have brought forward small elements that we have been able to act upon or improve and the following week will do the same. They have been vital in the school providing the foundation to ensure safety for the pupils and adults. 

Every full time pupil will be in school for 2 days next week allowing us to manage the running of the school with every class space being used. The past couple of days has confirmed what we already new. 

The school is always a much brighter, happier and joyful place with the pupils present. 

We are confident in the procedures the school has in place for the coming weeks and potentially months. 

What an integral part of the smooth running of the school all the stakeholders are. 

With this in mind just a friendly reminder of a few things that can help us keep the site as safe as possible: 

  • Please limit your time on the site-we have used 2 windows to aid drop of for pupils. In doing so we believe that it allows adults to arrive within that 10 minute window and drop the pupils off with limited wait time. Arriving on time and not before is key to minimising the number of people on site at one time. 
  • Keep distance from others when moving around the site or waiting. We are fortunate enough to have a large site with many access points around the school. We have placed markings outside these access areas to help keep distance with others. The biggest ‘pinch point’ we have is the gates to home bargains. Please be extra careful here. 
  • Please refrain from entering the school site during school hours unless by prior appointment. Can we request all school dinner moneys are paid online. Free school meals will commence as usual from the 14th September upon full return. 

We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week. 

Kind regards, 

Mr J Moore and all the Gwersyllt CP staff 

Family Learning information

A quick reminder that all new information regarding family learning can be found on the family learning page of the website (New information has been added today). Alternatively, you can call Mrs O’Toole for any enquiries or information.

Message from the Snowy Owls Staff

Dear Snowy Owl parents and guardians
We are looking forward to meeting our new Snowy Owls on Thursday and Friday this week. We are very aware that this can be a very stressful time for both the children and the parents, even more so this year due to the lack of transition as a result of the Covid Virus lockdown. We have arranged for Mrs Hughes, Miss Harrison and Mrs Howe to be present throughout the mornings as familiar faces to help with the settling in process.
We would normally invite parents or guardians to come in to the unit to help their child settle at this time, but unfortunately due to Covid restrictions and guidelines this can not happen at the moment and we may need to support the children into the school, possibly encroaching into the 2 meter social distancing space with parents/guardians.
Please rest assured that the children normally settle quite quickly once they have entered the class-room, and we have a large staffing ratio to enable us to give individual support where necessary. We will contact you by phone if there are any ongoing concerns.
In response to some questions that have been raised by parents:
  • We are still supplying snack and milk every day
  • Reception children may bring in a labelled water bottle to sip from throughout the day, but we do supply water as and when the children ask for it.
  • PE lessons will take place outdoors, following a settling in period of around 4 weeks. PE Days will be on a Wednesday and we will let you know when they start.
  • If you reqire any further information please phone in or make an appointment to see me after school.
See you soon,
Mrs McHugh and the reception team

Return to School – September Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

First and foremost, we hope you all had a safe and pleasant summer. We are looking forward to welcoming your children back to Gwersyllt CP. In order to do so safely there will be elements of school life and routines that will, understandably, be slightly different. Hopefully this message will answer some of the questions you may have prior to your child restarting school.

We are constantly reviewing the practice and will be doing so overt he course of the next couple of weeks before the full restart on the 14th Septmber. If there are any changes we will let you know as and when.

Days and Times

Hopefully, you will have received a text from the school in July to make you aware of the days that your child will be phasing back into school from September. This phasing process will allow us to trial our new systems and allows adults and pupils to go though the process of the new school day with limited numbers on site.

Please see the link below for a reminder of the starting and finishing times for each class. We politely ask that you stick to the rigidly please.

Message to all Parents and Guardians

Breakfast club/After school club

We are happy to say that we plan to restart breakfast club and playmates from the 3rd of September. The clubs will be for those pupils that are attending school on that day with last entry for breakfast club being 8.20am. Due to site safety we cannot except pupils for breakfast club after this time.

The cost will be £2 before 8am and £1 after this time until 8.20am.

As we have to prepare the hall for pupils to sit in their class bubbles we are currently requesting that you inform the school which days you wish to use breakfast club.

Please contact Playmates as per usual to book your child in after school.

School Uniform

We understand that it is difficult to ensure daily clean clothes. We are requesting that pupils wear a relaxed school uniform with T-shirt and jumper. On the days that the class have PE pupils should come with their PE kit already on.

Please remember we will be keeping doors and windows open in class where possible- pupils should dress with this in mind to stay warm. All pupils should bring coats as we will be encouraging outside work and play regularly.


As things stand, the school will be running a limited lunch menu which will be delivered to the classroom. Pupils can bring their own lunch or order from the menu.

Link to menu Reduced 2 week MENU 2020.docx for September

Other Resources

We kindly ask that pupils bring nothing other than packed lunch into school. They will be provided with their own set of resources e.g. Pens, rulers etc in school.


It is expected that, from the 14th September, all pupils will return to full time education.

Please see the school poster for more information. Attendance autumn term

Face Masks

Currently, it is not required for the pupils in Primary schools in Wales to wear Face masks. Again, if this changes we will let you know.

Home Learning

We have put all reasonable measures in place to ensure the school is Covid secure. However, we cannot say how the situation will changes in the future national, locally or at an individual class/school level. Over the next week your child’s teacher will start going through tools, resources and work that can be completed at home to get the children ready should there be need to return to home learning. We strongly advise all pupils to engage in this.


We understand how quickly the situation has changed on this front. If you have been abroad and are required to self isolate please contact the school to let us know.


If your child is displaying any of the symptoms- high temperature, continuous cough or an alteration in taste or smell you are requested to stay at home and not attend school.

Pupils displaying symptoms in school will be temperature tested and isolated if required. A phone call will be made for the pupils to be picked up.

If their is a positive case, those affected should follow current guidance.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment has been drawn up by the school and is being finalised alongside county. Please see the previous Risk assessment for the ‘check up’ sessions in July for an indication of what the school are doing- This document can be found in the forms, policies and letters section of the website.

What can you do to help?

As you can imagine, things have been timed very precisely to ensure that there is limited chance of anyone breaking social distancing protocol.

It appears that children are less likely to catch or transmit Covid 19. However, with many adults coming on the site at the start and the end of the day to pick up pupils there is a chance that these times will be the most concerning. We ask that you help us out by doing the following:

  • Pick up and drop off only at the times indicated in the link at the beginning of the message. Being early or late will cause difficulty for the class teachers and the site will be locked after the last drop off.
  • Please use the marked standing points that have been sprayed on to the yards outside each drop off and pick up point.
  • Please socially distance at all times. We have all got use to the ‘2m dance’ when we go out, please continue this on the school site. This will be especially be the case at the entrance and exit points to the site.
  • Please only come into school after making a prior appointment. unfortunately, teachers will not be readily available at the door for an informal talk or catch up currently.
  • Please spend as little time on site as possible. For drop off we have provided 10 minute windows to minimise the need for people to wait around. When picking up, if you are early we ask that you only come on site at the arranged time.
  • Contacting the school in advance if you require breakfast club in the mornings.
  • Keep checking the school website for any updates- Guidance can change quickly.
  • Encourage your child to do any home learning that is asked of them.
  • Most importantly, look after yourselves, your family and your children. We will do all we can to make school feel as normal as possible for your child. We sincerely hope they come out of here with a smile on their faces.

Kind regards,

Mr J Moore and the Gwersyllt CP staff

Wrap around provision in September

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have had a few questions regarding wrap around provision such as breakfast club and Playmates when school restarts in September. We had hoped to get this message to you at the beginning of the new term when further advice and guidance becomes available. However, I am aware and appreciate that many are keen to plan what they can as soon as possible.

After some discussion the school and staff involved have decided that they will be able to provide a basic version of the provisions. This will include a breakfast club from 7:30am with last entry at 8.20am. The cost of entry will be:

7.30am-8am- £2

8am-8.20am- £1

Because of staggered start times we will not be allowed to admit entry after 8.20am.

The pupils in the breakfast club will be given a designated table in which to sit at for basic food (if required) and for the activities and will not be able to move around the hall space. The pupils will then be taken, a class at a time, to their classrooms with their teachers.

Playmates will also be going ahead after school in a similar, socially distanced manner to ensure that we limit mixing of class bubbles. Please contact Playmates for booking or further details.

In the first two weeks, We will only be able to accept pupils who are in school for the day.

Please see a copy of the first two weeks below.

Week Beginning 31st August
Monday 31st August 2020 Summer Holidays
Tuesday 1st September 2020 Planning & preparation
Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Planning & preparation
Thursday 3rd September 2020 Groups of Reception (am only) and Year 3
Friday 4th September 2020 Groups of Reception (am only) and Year 3
Week Beginning 7th September
Monday 7th September 2020 Groups from all years (half of the class)
Tuesday 8th September 2020 Groups from all years (half of the class)
Wednesday 9th September 2020 Nursery group – online teaching for other years
Thursday 10th September 2020 Groups from all years (half of the class)
Friday 11th September 2020 Groups from all years (half of the class)
Week Beginning 14th September – All pupils return

As I have mentioned the guidance, Risk assessments, advice and information from catering is not available yet so an apology in advance if this alters in anyway. We hope you understand that we are trying to plan with limited information or knowledge as to what the next few weeks will bring.

September and Child Care Provision

I write this message to provide some clarity on the situation come the restart of school in September.

A few weeks ago we sent out a message from the Director of Education, Ian Roberts which mirrored the information from Welsh Government that the school will cease to provide childcare provision as of July 17th 2020.

As the school will be returning to its primary needs of education from September (with the planning, preparation and phasing stage a critical part of this) there will be no provision for childcare in September.

What were initially planned to be training days will now be plan and prep days allowing the staff time to understand and put in place the Risk Assessment that has been drawn up- this includes protocols, logistics and the setting up of key areas. Not to give the staff this time would belittle a very important piece of an extremely integral part of the planning and preparation. From Thursday onwards, pupils will begin to return to school. In the second week, all staff will be working with half of their future classes, reintroducing and welcoming them to school and allowing the pupils, parents and staff to trial out the new runnings of the school from arrival to pick up and including staggered breaks, lunches and altered expectations. Without this part of the process we could not confidently say we will be ready for the return of all pupils by 9am Monday 14th September.

I appreciate this may cause some complications over those couple of weeks in regards to childcare and send my sympathies to those who have been asking over the past few days. Again, I can only point you to the link above and the phone number provided. However, the school finds itself in the position during those two weeks of readying itself, the staff and all its stakeholders for a very different running of a school at full capacity.

If the situation changes or we get an update from the LA of the Welsh Government on this then we will let you know as soon a possible.

* This message (and the link above) relates to the provision the school has been providing during the day in school not to wraparound/ breakfast club provision. The school will update parents on this when it is better placed to give information on times and the form it will take. On this matter I thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Mr J Moore

Good Luck all Year 6’s


This Monday marks the first weekday without the Year 6’s of 19/20. Our first group of Year 6’s in the new Gwersyllt CP building- they will be a difficult act to to follow.

It has been a pleasure to to work alongside them for the 18 months as Headteacher of the school and I know their teachers have many fond memories of them. In what has been a very strange end to the academic year we wish them all the best moving on to their next step. I have mentioned to several of those that came in for the check up sessions that, when it is safe to do so, we will create the opportunity to meet up as a group one more time to say a fond farewell and get those shirts signed, a rites of passage every year 6 cohort rightly looks forward to.

I am sure they will go on to achieve many great things moving forward and it was nice to discuss individual pupils with the staff of the high schools they will be attending. Whichever high school is their next step, we wish them well.

We had hoped to send this message out with a final video wishing the pupils good luck. The video will be here soon (just a few contribution to add) and will be added to this post.

For now:



All at Gwersyllt CP