Message 23.4.2021

I hope everyone has enjoyed what seems to be the first full week of good weather we have had this year. Let’s hope this continues through the weekend and for many days as possible thereafter. During this nice weather, it is great to see so many of the pupils and classes enjoying the opportunity to get out into the school grounds. I did so myself, this week, and have posted a few videos to give an example of the outside areas we are blessed with and have cultivated.

One of these is the new bike shelter put up this week. We are fortunate to have managed to get this free of charge through the county and hope that moving forward it will allow some of the older pupils to cycle to school. We will get a message out as soon as we move forward with this.

Finally, a reminder that the school is having a training day on 7th May 2021 to look at the New curriculum. School will be closed to pupils on this day.

Have a great weekend